Don't change what you eat, change how you make it.

In the future I want to list the things I do when I cook to lower the fat, calories and cholesterol. For several years now I have been experimenting with substitutions for the things that make great tasting food great tasting.

First I want to say I am not a chef. I am a fairly proficent cook who was brought up by a mother with a masters degree in Home Economics and a father with a PHD in physiology. My mother made sure I knew how to eat right and my father beat into me the value of excercise. In this forum I want to impart some of what I have learned and what I practice now.

I welcome any tips or suggestions as I do not profess to be any kind of expert. As I am not an expert please do not take what I say as gospel. All I know is that these ideas have worked for me.

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